Some More Nothing

So this is just an update on my life.

I have 5 siblings. 3half and 2 whole. I don’t know my half siblings well. Barely can even talk to them it’s so awkward.

I love my sis. T. And I dislike to hate my brother S. I love him because he is my brother but I hate him for who he is. Ya know?

My sis doesn’t live in the area anymore. I get to talk to her mostly when we both play LoL together.

I drive my brother around because he lost his license a decade ago. He has 2 kids. a boy (older) and a girl (younger).

I take them to school sometimes. Or home. It happens.

I have a mom who i love dearly but gets on my nerves sometimes.

I have no father. I knew him once but he was abusive so he is disowned by me. He doesn’t exist.

I have 4 cats and 1 dog i look after sometimes. Also a bird I don’t fancy but don’t dislike.

Otherwise I live with my gentleman. D. He is the sweetest most forgiving and wonderful man I’ve ever met and I love him dearly.

I’ve been abused and assaulted in my life, both as a child and as an adult respectively.

So I take rape and abuse very seriously.

I have a tumblr, a fb and a blog now.

I have games, i’m a casual gamer mostly. I love a few in particular cause they are great. Like BoF3 and LoD.

Likely this will become my diary type thing.

Not sure what else to write about so I’ll leave this here.


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